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The Batmobile Gadgets !!

The Batmobile was equipped with a arsenal of special equipment to help the Dynamic Duo in their crimefighting activities. Here are a few of the special effects used with this popular car

The Bat Turn - Used to turn the car around 180 degrees. Pull the handle, the parachutes came out. Make sure you release the parachutes as you spin around in the road.

The parachutes looked good on camera but were not really made to stop this 6000 pound machine. The shot was done at a very slow speed so the chutes didn't get ripped off then the film was sped up to give the illusion of speed.

The show started getting letters from Batfans asking how could Batman just leave a huge set of parachutes in the middle of the road so they equipped Alfred with a Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service Van to go and retrive the chutes from the street !!

The Bat Ray - You are following King Tut and can't get him to pull over. Quickly you activate the Bat Ray to disable his vehicle. Turn it on and his ignition would conk out .

Automatic Fire Extinguisher - If the batmobile detected a fire, it would implement the automatic fire extinguishing system

The Mobile Batcomputer - If the Caped Crusader needed to get some quick info from the Batcave, he could use his Mobile computer to down load his files. Pretty good for 1966 !!!

It was stored in the trunk

The Bat Beam - Ever wonder what that fly swatter looking thing on the antenna was ? That is the Bat Beam !! When it was turned on, the antenna raised up and it projected a beam that could destroy anything in it's path. It was used to blow holes in buildings, etc.

Emergency Tire Inflator - If the Batmobile got a flat it was no problem, just press the emergency tire inflator, and your back in business in no time. Much better than Fix-A-Flat !!

Bat Smoke Screen - Say you've got a nasty villain hot on your tail, what do you do ??? You activate the smoke screen and fog them off the road !!!

The Battering Ram - Cant get into the warehouse where the Riddler has Robin held hostage ??? Activate the Battering Ram and bust the whole door down !!!

Voice Control Batmobile Relay Unit - Say some weirdo has taken off with the Batmobile, ( It happened more times than you could believe ) you need to operate something on the car, no problem ! Talk into your Batradio and the relay unit at the Batcave will transmit your request !!

The Bat Photoscope - If Batman needed aphoto from the main computer, all he had to do is send a request and a signal would be sent to the Batmobile and a photowould be printed out of the dash.

The Batphone - What would happen if the Bat signal went off and Batman was not at a phone ???? No problem, pick up the batphone and give police headquartes a call. Pretty amazing, a mobile phone in 1966 !!! I wonder if he got nights and weekends free ???

Police Band Cut-In Switch - If Batman needed to talk to Gotham Cities finest , he could bypass the Batphone and activate the radio cut in to speak to them directly on the police radio !

Mobile Tracking Scope - If the duo needed to figure out where a villain went, they used the mobile tracking scope to pinpoint the exact location of the villain !

These are just some examples of the Batmobile's special equipment. Other items included an ejector seat , mobile tracking device ( like radar ) a chain slicer, safety net that extended from the trunk,
There are more and when I find them I will Try to add them here !! David

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